Sunday, February 17, 2013

Kansas road pictorial: Our big blue sky

I have always though that Kansas had the biggest sky I'd ever seen. It goes on forever. No mountains or forests to speak of to block the grandness of the big bright blue.

I snapped a few pictures from the car on the way home the other day and was absolutely amazed at the grandeur of the sky and clouds.

I did not appreciate this place in my youth. I never realized how truly beautiful it is. Majestic in its own way.

So many people out in the wider world, when I lived in Utah, Florida or South Carolina, or was travelling other places in the United States, would respond to my home state with these statements: "I drove through Kansas once, was the longest day of my life," or "I've been to Kansas City," or "How's Toto?"

They have never experienced the quiet, subtle but powerful beauty of this place. Kansas makes you hunt for its treasures, unlike the huge imposing mountains and deserts of Utah, or the beaches and waterways of Florida.

But Kansas is every bit as beautiful as those places, and what you have to work harder for, you ultimately appreciate more :)

So in these pictures, I hope you see what I have come to see. 


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