Tuesday, February 12, 2013

This is the 205th post!

I cannot believe that this blog started three months ago. At the beginning I wasn't sure if I'd have enough to say.

Well, LOL, I now have a list so long it'd keep me in blog posts for months! It appears that God has given me several gifts that make a venture like this possible.

1) The gift of messing up - a lot. I give myself lots of fodder for blog posts because despite my best efforts, I mess up a lot. But because of my relationship with God, I am able to get insight into how I can do and be better. I feel like maybe the things I've learned the hard way can help someone else.

2) The gift of being outspoken, unashamed and unafraid. God has given me an open heart that does not like to hold on to guilt or shame, and that believes hardships are meant to be shared to help oneself and others. I feel literally compelled to share my experiences so they might benefit someone else. And it does not worry me if someone knows what I have been through.

3) The gift of lots of words. I LOVE writing! Love, love, love, love it! And I just have so much to say. 

4) The gift of an analytical and observational writer's mind. The blessing of being a writer is that even in difficult situations, you still find it interesting. Take for example getting off of Paxil. In between bouts of lamenting my dizziness, I'd think, huh, I wonder why I'm dizzy. Must be like withdrawal. Is this what addicts go through? I know the SSRIs involve serotonin, so do I have an overload of it now? Is that why I'm sleeping better? I wonder if other people go through this. Oh, yup, they sure do. Wow, some of them have it worse! What does all of this mean for society? Guess I'll blog about it.

So, I guess all of that has brought me here and I guess I'm here to stay!

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