Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sweet things Brady does ... new best friend

I love that my boy is so open and honest and talks a lot. Guess he's like me in that way, LOL.

He came home and told me yesterday he had a new best friend, a girl in his class named Allison. He's mentioned her to me a lot, most of his classmates he has, but her more than usual. Allison is a girlie-girl. Allison cries when she's upset. Allison looks at him a lot and that drives him crazy. (I think she likes him because she called him "cute" in his Valentines book).

I tell him she is a sensitive girl, like me. I've even used her as an example when Brady sees Jason and I argue. Jason, like most guys, gets more angry than sad. I, like a lot of girls, tend to get sad and cry (oh geez, finally that doesn't just send Brady into a tailspin anymore. He hates to see me cry). So I tell Brady, it's just like you and Allison. What happens when you get in trouble at school? I get mad. What happens when Allison does. She cries.

Okay, there you go, Kid.

Anyway, Allison had some trouble to do with the line and the other kids were afraid she was going to cut in line and they were all saying, "Come on! Get in line!" and were kind of upset with her. So she, apparently, as Brady tells it, had a kind of grumpy defensive stance, holding her arms in tight and angry look on her face. And he recalled when he was in kindergarten and all the kids were mad at him, telling him he made them  late coming in from recess because he didn't line up properly.

So he walked up to her and she responded by holding her arms even tighter, getting even grumpier. And what he did was gently pat her arm (he demonstrated it to me). And that one thing changed her mood, he said, "She got happy after that."

And then they hung around together all day, playing at recess, sitting by each other.

When he has trouble in life, I try and remember these things and that sweet, empathetic, caring heart of his. I love him so much it makes me want to cry.

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