Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wisdom from my Mom ... letting kids love...

When my parents divorced and I became close to my step-mom, I never heard a word of jealousy or sadness from my mom over this relationship. She always told me that she believed the more she let me love others and the more people that loved me, the more love I would have to give to her and the world in return.

Brady is about to have a new step-mom too, just like I did. And I see why she feels that way. If your kid has a step-parent that they are close to, it must mean that person is good to them. It must mean that person cares for them. It must mean that person is kind and compassionate and not jealous of them.

As a divorced parent, the best you can possibly hope for is for the other person to find someone who will treat your child well. Brady already has a little pet name for his soon-to-be step-mom and that makes me smile. He likes her and she must be nice to him for him to see her so fondly. That is a gift and the best I could hope for.

And, like my mom, I believe if I allow him to grow in his relationship with her, allow his love to grow and expand in the world, it will only increase the love he has to give more and more, and that love will come back to me as well. Thanks, Mom :)

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