Thursday, February 21, 2013

Anxiety buster: eat enough, drink enough, sleep enough

Just this morning I was out shoveling snow and all I'd had to eat were two cinnamon glazed muffins I'd made (recipe on those to come. YUM!). You basically burn about 500 calories per 20 feet you move out there right now, or so it seems, so I got very hungry very quickly. I also had not drank any water, just coffee.

Wow, talk about anxiety trigger! Not a panic attack or anything, but I felt myself getting a little shaky, my snapping-at-someone potential going up, and that fuzzy feeling on the edges of my emotions coming.  But, fortunately I'm aware that happens, so I got in, ate soup and eggs, drank some water and am good to go.

A person who struggles with anxiety has to remember that they should never let themselves get too hungry, too thirsty (dehydration can mimic hunger) or too tired. A good night's sleep, a good meal and a big glass of water (or tea or juice) are some of the best anxiety busters there are.

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