Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lent for the Non-Catholic Catholic

I think perhaps being an ex-Catholic is like being an ex-Marine. It's not possible.

If Catholicism has been a part of your life, especially your early life, I think it gets down in your soul and informs the person you become even if you choose a different church later as I have.

I have practiced Lent ever since I can remember.  I've at times given up everything from alcohol to sweets to popcorn to fried foods. 

I love Lent and the idea of sacrificing, forgoing our sense of instant gratification, working on becoming a better person, focusing more on God.

But a couple years ago, after I'd joined the Methodist church but committed to continuing the Lent tradition, I decided not to give up in the traditional way. I decided to "give up" blocks of time devoted to reading the Bible. I made it through Matthew, Mark, Luke and John during that time and it was really a wonderful, eye opening experience.

In that same fashion, this year I am going to finally read the book a friend loaned to me months and months ago. Here it is. I am excited about what reading this book might teach me. To all my fellow current and former Catholics: Happy Lent!


  1. Like the time you had to have Saint Christopher in the car when we went to Myrtle Beach? Some habits die hard.

    1. Oh yeah, how did I forget about old St. Christopher!!! Yes, he goes with Brady when he travels away from me, and of course with all of us when we travel. I love that old guy. He used to sit on the dashboard of my mom's dad's car.


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