Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Savings tip: Groceries at my fave store, Dollar Tree

It took me until I was about 38 to discover the wonder that is The Dollar Tree. There are a few "dollar" type stores, but Dollar Tree is the only one I've ever shopped at that guarantees everything within the walls of their store is $1 or less. And they now take coupons!

What I didn't realize prior to that was that you can purchase some food and grocery items there cheaper than you can at Walmart. Italian dressing, tortillas, hot sauce, even whole wheat bread and refrigerated items at some stores. It's worth checking out if you have one nearby.

They have tons of make-up, T-shirts, socks, scarves, gloves, hats, kids watches. Kitchen items galore! Every Christmas I peruse their aisles to see what I might tuck into people's presents. This year it was a glorious Chef  Basket that does a million different things. I love mine. Office supplies, gift supplies. Even nice, shiny helium balloons for, yup, one dollar.

There are medicines and toothpaste and toys like you wouldn't believe. It is my go-to store for Brady's prize store items. It's perfect for gift shopping. For $5 you can really find some cool stuff.

And the items they carry are always changing. It's worth checking out. Here are a few items that impressed me tonight.

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