Thursday, February 7, 2013

3 reasons I love tea - health, weight, happy

I think tea is one of the most wonderful things in the universe. There are times I forget to drink it. Like for months!

But when I finally get back into the habit I recall how much I love it. It's all tied into my childhood I think, as my mom always made me hot tea when I was sick or sad or if it was cold outside. It is comfort and warmth and I love it.

But there are 3 very practical reasons I like it as well.

1) Health. It seems from what I've read that tea helps almost everything to do with our physical being. According to this WebMD article, it helps with diabetes, cancer, sleep, blood pressure. I've also read it boosts immunity and can shorten the length of colds. I do notice I feel better when I drink it. It's a natural drink filled with antioxidants. I did read, however, that if you mix it with milk, it lessens the good chemicals. So research and see what tea can do for you!

2) Weight. One of the best things in the whole wide world I can do to put off a craving is drink tea. If I'm craving chips, chocolate, whatever, just grab a cup of nice flavorful tea, perhaps with a bit of lemon, honey or sweetener and the craving is gone. Plus I fill up on the liquid, suppressing that hunger. And if it's decaf, you can have cup after cup. I also do this at night after dinner if I'm wanting a late snack or treat. I may still have one, but it will be much smaller if I've had a cup of tea.

3) Emotions. I find that tea immediately calms me and boosts my sense of well-being, peace, joy. It just flat-out makes me feel good and healthy. It warms me inside and out. Perfect as an anxiety buster and mood changer. The most fun is to get a variety of flavors - Earl Gray, English Breakfast, black tea or green, peppermint, cinnamon, all kinds.

So drink up! :o)

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