Sunday, February 24, 2013

Snow photos, deer tracks and Blizzard No. 2!!!!

Here's what's coming. I told Brady he might get a whole "snow week".

In the meantime, some of my favorite snow pics from the last few days. 

Here a cool ice pattern in the street. 


Bunny tracks. 
 Bird tracks.
 Finally found my deer tracks. We weren't certain, so we followed them into the woods and found BUNCHES! Then we actually scared a deer up and he bounded off into the woods. And then we found one perfect hoof print that confirmed it for us (see below). Also found areas they'd rooted around to get down to the grass to eat. I told Brady we were adventurers.
A single bird feather fell to the ground and landed perfectly upright in the snow. WOW!
 A snowy yucca.
 Wow, this seems to defy gravity, doesn't it?

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