Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day 19 getting off Paxil: More dreams and energy

So ever since I started this journey, not only do I sleep better, wow do I have a lot of dreams! Really vivid ones, every single night. It's like a theater in my head. Was I not dreaming as much on Paxil? Or did I just not remember them as well? Whatever the case, I did something today that hubby could not believe. I got out of bed BEFORE I HAD TO.

I love my sleep and I always want "just five more minutes." But today I got up before him and Brady and had a few quiet moments. He couldn't believe it.

I think it is because I am sleeping better and possibly having more restorative dreams. He also says I seem to have more energy ("wired" was his word) and am very much "alive" where before I was more even keeled, more calm and cool and collected.

I have often thought that people with anxieties or depression or OCD find their minds getting stuck in a "thought loop" on one particular subject or thought. Your mind can focus in on one idea and go over and over it, hence fueling the anxiety or depression. I always felt like what Paxil did for me was let my mind slide off a particular thought without getting stuck on it.

But I think it must have let my mind slide off other thoughts too, things I might get very enthusiastic about and act on. I am certainly glad to have this blog as an outlet, because I am sure full of thoughts and ideas these days :)

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