Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 15 getting off Paxil: 10 mg to 5 mg

Last night I started my first 1/4 of my 20 mg Paxil pill. As you may recall, the first week of going from 20 to 10 mg was awful! Not emotionally, but with physical dizziness and nausea. 

Well, so far today I have none of that. I feel fine. I feel great. In fact, I have found my emotions over the last two weeks to broaden and deepen, in all directions. I am quicker to get upset, but am able to tamp down on that fast and get control. As usual, I pray a lot, LOL.

But beyond that, I am sleeping great and when I am happy, I feel it deeply where I wasn't before. This isn't to say I wasn't happy, but it was not as full of a feeling as I have now. Proof to me this is the right thing.

In another week I'll go from 5 down to 2.5 mg, then maybe alternate 1 day with 1 day without for awhile, and then be done. What an interesting journey.


  1. i so need to do the same thing with my effexor. i have been on mine since 2003 and when i just miss one day....i can tell. i started taking it to help with my anxiety of owning a business and working 14 hrs a day, then the kids loosing their dad. ive read that they are extremely hard to get off of and some people can never get off them. sounds like your making it through! glad to hear that.

    1. Well, it is very easy to stay on because there are always stressful or anxiety-inducing things in life, especially if a person struggles with that. I know Jase and I talked about it for a few weeks heading up to it, and even then I would have these thoughts, oh well, mom's having surgery or this is coming up and that, maybe I should wait.

      But I finally decided I did not like the feeling I had when I forgot and I believed in my heart it was what I needed to do. I had never tried being off of it after finding faith and prayer, and I felt they would be enough (perhaps combined with something I can take as-needed for really rough times). I know some people can't be off, some in my family in fact, but I knew I had to try and so far, so good though it wasn't fun that first week! Yuck!


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