Wednesday, February 20, 2013

You know you're in KS when... snow predictions...

Only in Kansas can you hear snow predictions for your area ranging from 3 inches to 18 inches. Now, the hardships associated with 3 inches of snow differ wildly from those associated with 18 inches. 

I have travelled to 28 of the 50 states, and lived in 4 of them, from Utah in the west to South Carolina in the east, down to Florida and back up to the middle in Kansas, and nowhere have I seen such crazy guessing with the weather. 

I've seen them be 10-15 degrees off in either direction. I've seen my town be on a map sitting on a line that is a few miles from "Blizzard!" on one side and a few miles from "No snow" on the other. What the heck?  What do you do with that?
I've seen them predict snow that never materialized. Well, it's coming down pretty good out there, so who knows. Surely it will be more than 3, but will it make it to 18? Or somewhere in the middle? Guess we can only wait and see, and same goes for those Weather People.

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