Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Updates to Prize Store make it new again.

I try to keep Brady's prize store new and exciting.

This past week I stocked it with candy and pop, of course, those are never boring, and then little packs of tissues, stand-up toothpaste, Scooby-Doo bandaids, erasers for the ends of his pencils, pencil sharpeners, a pack of Easter eggs, a magnifier and bath fizzies.

Oh my gosh you'd a thought it was Christmas.

"Oh mommy, you really put some awesome stuff in there. There's so  much I want in there. Can't I buy something today instead of waiting until Friday?"

Nope, kiddo, just plan on getting it next week.

It does seem to make him work harder at school, and even if he has a rough week he at least gets to buy something, ending the week on a good note no matter how difficult it has been.

Next I'm going to look for a cheap stopwatch, pedometer and binoculars.

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