Monday, February 4, 2013

Parenting through your flaws....

What is it in human nature that wants to strive for perfection? It's not possible, not at all. No one is perfect. No one will ever be perfect. Yet we gauge ourselves by this non-existent standard.

The only way we are ever perfect is by being the unique individual that we are, and that means flaws and all.

We all have flaws. Lord knows I do. But one thing I have finally, finally learned is that it's okay. If I recognize what my flaws are and I try to improve on them and minimize the harm they cause and do my absolute best every day, then it is enough.

And I can also recognize what my strengths are and try to channel my energy to them.

As this relates to parenting, I have recently come to coin this, "Parenting through my flaws."

I don't want to attempt to teach Brady how to be perfect, nor do I want him to think I am. But I can teach him how to handle his flaws, how to try and be better, how to forgive flaws in another person.

I want him to see me change and grow and learn and laugh and love, despite anything I may do wrong or right. Somehow I think this is one of the best gifts I can give him. To show him, hey, the person you are closest to is not perfect. She's trying to do better, but she is not ashamed of the times she fails and falls down. She learns from those experiences, puts her faith in God and gets up and tries again.

Every day. Day after day. Year after year. Living fully without fear of making mistakes. Being cautious but not holding back. Always striving to do better, even though she knows she will never achieve perfection. Giving her whole heart to who she is and God's plan for her, and having faith it will all be okay. And as always, I want him to learn to forgive and say I'm sorry. 

Because in the end that's the best we can do and in the end, it's enough.

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