Friday, February 22, 2013

Coffee: My last vice

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Well, as you know, I'm about to be done with Paxil. It's not really a vice, but after the dizziness I have had getting off, I do consider it a type of addiction.

I rarely have more than 2 beers even at a party and most days have none at all. I gave up smoking at 25 when a doctor said, "You have asthma and it's not IF you will get emphysema,  it's WHEN."

I am sad to say I had tried a few different drugs by age 16, but am happy to say I had given them all up by age 17. I did not like the way they made me feel at all, didn't like the way I saw the "friends" at that time behaving, and chose to stop them. Age 21 was the last time I touched anything resembling a drug, and that was a joint at a concert. Yuck!

So, here I am at 41. No drugs, not much alcohol, don't want to be on any prescriptions if I can help it. And you know what, I feel great. Much more in control than I ever did during those other times.

But here I sit sipping my coffee, LOL. I know if I gave it up for a day, I'd feel even worse than the withdrawal from Paxil. I'd get a headache, maybe the shakes, be grumpy. Ugh. It hovers in the back of my mind, my addiction to this drink that actually is halfway good for you. If you research it there are lots of reasons why it is good. But so is decaf coffee (other than the mental boost caffeine can give you) or decaf tea.

Soooo... one of these days, I think I'll tackle it. Anyone out there given up coffee? What was it like? In the meantime, oh my gosh I love it and it tastes so good. Sigh. I'll save that journey for another day. 


  1. Kudos to you for being so honest. Why not keep the coffee, we all need something.

    1. LOL, maybe you're right! I always say if the apocalypse comes, I'm going to have a rough couple of days when the coffee runs out, but maybe that's okay. Maybe I'll be too worried about other things and won't care :)


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