Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Funny things Brady says... about hummus (and humus)

Apparently Brady has learned about "humus" - broken down organic matter which makes wonderful soil - as opposed to "hummus" - a dip made from chickpeas - in their environmental discussions at school.

I know this because we'll be walking along and will see a dark, rich pile of broken down leaves and he'll say, "That looks like hummus." And it always startles me. I say, "You mean HUMUS, not HUMMUS. Hummus is something you eat, made from chickpeas, and we wouldn't want to eat this stuff!"

After several times of this particular discussion, he tells me, "I want to try hummus (fortunately not humus)."

So you can bet what we'll have on the menu for next week's Try Something New Thursday.

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