Sunday, February 24, 2013

Around town on our Snow Day...

Brady and I spent much of Friday wandering around town. A good 2-1/2 hours anyway.

It took us 30 minutes just to make it two blocks because I am certain he did not pass one snow pile without climbing it.

We went by the post office (He tried to bring a HUGE chunk of snow in to which I yelled, "No!" in such a way I startled the postmistress,  hee hee. I didn't mean to but I could envision us trying to clean that mess up if it dropped).

He put $75 more in his bank account at the bank. We watched snow plows clear Main Street.

We went by the grocery store and got hot cocoa (see below, I cooled it off in the snow), and the awesome grocery store lady who thinks Brady is fun gave us each a free date (like the fruit). Brady didn't want to try it, but then said, "Tell you what, I'll try the date if you give me a conversation heart." So she gave him a whole box :) He tried the date, which we both said "tastes like candy," and said, "I thought it'd taste like M&Ms but it doesn't."

We also saw his babysitter (our pastor's daughter) at the store and told her, "We got a Berenstain Bear book the other day that you had checked out like five times!" She used to read them to her younger siblings.

We walked to my in-laws house and hung out with "Grandma Sandy," me having coffee and him eating cake (egg-free!). Then we went sledding! Below are some pictures from our day:  

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