Sunday, February 24, 2013

Funny things Brady says... in Dollar General...

We spent a good time hoofing it around Dollar General yesterday during No-Screen Saturday, one of many errands we ran (to which Brady complained to one of his grandma's, "Mommy made us go on all kinds of errands to do things we totally didn't need to do!" He's got a great sense of drama, don't you think?).

I'm quite certain everyone in the store, regardless of their proximity to us, was aware of our existence. Brady was excited about EVERY LITTLE THING HE SAW.

Brady: "Mommy, look at this, it's AWESOME, I want one."

Me: "Okay, we'll put it the in prize store."

Brady: "Mommy, I want this!!!" (A pack of emery boards).

Me: Sigh. "Okay, but you have to pay me the 70 cents when we get home because I have a bunch at home and we don't actually need more." (What 7-year-old is so adamant about emery boards he'd pay 70 cents for them? That's my kiddo.)

Brady: "Look pretty make up for you, Mommy!"

Me: "Thank you, but I don't want that kind."

Brady: "Look at this, and this, and this!" I did not realize just how exciting Dollar General could be.

Anyway, at the end, at check out he jumped RIGHT NEXT TO a guy checking out (with nary a thought to personal space) and was watching the guy's stuff ring up. So I pulled him back and whispered, "You're being very rude." He said, "But I want to watch our stuff add up," (Like math much, Kid?), and I said, "And you may, but it's not our turn yet." Him: "Ohhhhhhhh."

Then when it was our turn, he had a bar code he'd found off of something and kept sticking it in the run-the-bar-code-over space at the register, and I said, "Brady, don't stick that there." So he stuck it somewhere else in the register area. "Don't stick it anywhere." Pause. "Put it in your pocket."

Brady: "But you said not to put it anywhere."

Me: "Not anywhere in the store."

Brady: "But I'm in the store."

Me: "I guess I should have said, 'Not anywhere in the store that does not belong to you'." Sigh. "Let's go, Kid."

We walked out the door to the sound of laughter behind us :)

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