Monday, February 25, 2013

Money Saving Mom: 5 tips to waste less food

There's a good guest post at the Money Saving Mom blog today. Here's an excerpt:

"Because of increasing gasoline prices we need to cut our grocery budget a little and move those funds over to our auto budget. This is really a good thing, since I’ve noticed I’ve gotten a little sloppy lately. So I’m going back to the “No Waste Kitchen” philosophy that I used to have and let slide over the past few years.

For me, a “No Waste Kitchen” means that no edible food gets thrown out – or given to the hens or dog. It means no item is too small to matter. It also means saving money. We’ve lived this way before, we can do it again."

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  1. Everything seems to zoom up nowadays, all utilities, foods and goods even recreational stuff are going for the steep hike. Mums are finding some new ways of cutting down the expenses; I mean everyone else is plotting their plans of saving some juices. Some are yet simple, funny and weird but are all worth a try. Like for example this money saving tips from an article in Hubpages
    Some of the tips mentioned are quite unfamiliar but I think can be very effective.


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