Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 6 without school...winter storms Q and Rocky

So today is the sixth day Brady has been out of school due to Winter Storm Q and Winter Storm Rocky.

Out front here in town doesn't look too bad, but from what I'm hearing the country roads are REALLY, REALLY bad with big snow drifts and people getting stuck.

Brady of course shouted, "Woohoo!" He's very happy about getting an entire Snow Week. I don't ever remember getting that much time off as a kid.

This week was really something. I had a doctor's appointment last Tuesday, had to cancel. Then yesterday I had to cancel the SAME appointment again because of round no. 2.

I grew up here, but spent the years from 1995 through 2011 elsewhere. Except for 1 year spent in Salt Lake City, Utah, (in which it started snowing in October and didn't quit until March, I would just swear to it!)  snow was practically non-existent in my life.

St. George, Utah, a beautiful painted desert town with fossils galore, saw a 2-inch dusting the two years I lived there. Columbia, S.C., never saw more than 2 inches the 6 years I lived there.

And Florida, forget it!

So I am amazed by the power of mother nature. I heard there were 75-mile-per-hour winds during the storm yesterday. That's a Category 1 hurricane. I heard other states were watching out for tornadoes. I heard rumblings of Thunder Snow somewhere too. What a deal.

We'll have to venture out today to get bananas and toilet paper, but thank goodness we didn't lose power and hence our food, and thank goodness we were fairly well-stocked ahead of time. Stay safe out there!

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