Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Upside of food allergy: a healthier eater

On Sunday we were surrounded by wonderfully and horribly decadent Super Bowl food. Jalapeno poppers wrapped in bacon, corn casserole, dips and chips of all kinds, cake, cookies. I filled up halfway with my alternative healthified food offerings, but filled the other half with the usual fare.

And here's what Brady ate: turkey slices, cheese, red pepper slices, peanut butter bread, M&Ms and teddy grahams. He was happy as could be, has zero interest in all of the other stuff. I don't blame him. Neither one of us knew if the dreaded egg was lurking in it. Almost certainly it was in 80 percent of what was there.

In an effort to see something positive in his lifelong egg allergy (if he had a deadly peanut allergy I'm sure I'd be hard-pressed to see it this way, though I'd probably try), I am glad that it has naturally steered him toward whole, healthy food.

The usual kid fare is not on his radar, he avoids it. He prefers whole meats, dairy, whole grain bread and pasta, veggies and fruits, and simple treats like rice krispie treats, plain chocolate bars, popsicles, teddy grahams.

Thank goodness that is a bright spot in our struggles to keep him egg-free.

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