Sunday, February 3, 2013

No Screens Saturday: We had so much fun!

This Saturday was our first No Screens Saturday, with the exception of TV, and it turned out even better than I imagined. We had such a calm, peaceful, fun day that just flowed under its own momentum.

Brady accepted this idea whole-heartedly without question, so much so he told his teacher she should not try and email me on Saturdays because I will not get on the computer.

We agreed to watch a movie together after I finished some chores, so Brady chose to help me with the laundry and dishes so I could finish quicker. While I wrote out my grocery list and to-do list for the week, he wrote out ideas for his invention party, including a detailed timeline of 15-minute increments for 2.5 hours worth of activities. He also started a guest list. Then we watched our movie.

After that, I trimmed his hair, he took a long bath, he wanted to see how I made Mommy Magic Spray so I showed him (water, perfume, one Mommy hair and a lot of love). Then we drove to the nearest town and got a cherry limeade at Sonic and played in the park in the wonderful 55-degree sunny weather.

All in all a glorious day. Can't wait till next Saturday!

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