Wednesday, February 13, 2013

No-tech Sat: tp roll bowling, guacamole & more...

We have such an absolute blast on our no-tech Saturdays. TV is allowed (though he seems to tire of that quickly) as is taking pictures with either my phone or his Nintendo. But no computer and no games at all. He asked for his game a couple of times but I said no and held firm. Someone called me and asked me to look something up online and I said I could do it Sunday but not today.

This Saturday we did so many fun things, almost all of them Brady's idea. Here's what we did:

Here he is coloring the bag he was going to use to put his Step-dad's birthday card and present in. That kid colored and colored and colored the whole bag Jason's favorite color, red.

We took turns hiding the new Easter eggs he bought from his prize store in his room and then the other would find them. This is surprisingly fun.

He conducted "top races" in the bathroom, using a stopwatch to record the times of how long different ones spun and which was the winner.

He cut small slips of paper and wrote on each one an invention he plans to make when he grows up, things like transformatron and fixatron and niceatron. He told me he is going to go to college and learn how to be an inventor.
He almost single-handedly made guacamole. All I did was cut stuff up,  measure a thing or two and open cans. He put it all in and mixed it up and then said, "Let me see," took a scoop, ate it (for the first time ever) then held up a thumbs up!  

We had lunch in town with my Mom and Brady watched Keno numbers being selected on the TV and then tried to write the names of all the teachers at school. He wished only briefly he had his game but then moved on.

Lastly, we played what he calls "toilet paper roll bowling." He collects toilet paper rolls for recycling, but he also uses them in games and inventions. He made up fun rules based on all kinds of stuf. Such a fun kid and a fun day! 

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