Saturday, January 12, 2013

Meal planning, our menu this week

A big part of saving money is planning. This includes meals. I look at what's in my cupboard and freezer and what's on sale for the week, and I make a weekly menu based on that.

Hubby got his deer on Sunday so that has also influenced our menu:

Last night: deer steaks and healthy "fried" potatoes
Tonight: Still thinking on that, LOL
Sunday: Stuffed and baked deer heart, baked sweet potato and white potato
Monday: Seafood smorgasbord since we have cans of smoked oysters & mussels, tuna in oil, crackers and cheese
Tues: BBQ crockpot pork brisket and breaded, fried zucchini
Wed: Gourmet grilled cheese with bacon, avocado and tomato soup
Thursday: Deer chili with homemade biscuits
Friday: Shepherd's pie
Sat: Leftovers, I hope!

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