Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lazy day activity: Bury a treasure & find it!

As usual, Brady came up with a great idea I'd never thought of. He got a plastic and cardboard treasure chest for Christmas with some pirate items in it and a treasure map. He whispered to me on the way home in the car: "Mommy, since it's pretend, let's walk the steps on the map and bury the treasure and go back the next day and find it."

Here's the map:

So today we stepped it off and found a good spot. It's too cold to dig a hole right now, so we covered the chest with a picnic blanket and a bunch of leaves.
And tomorrow we'll go and find it. What would really be fun is for a parent and kid, or a couple of kids, to make their own treasure map and pretend to be the pirates. They can find a perfect spot, plan out a map and bury/hide it. Then the next day they can be the treasure hunters who found the map and go dig it up! How fun to pick out the items you consider "treasure" and want to bury or hide.

Here's Brady's X for marking our spot:

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