Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Brady's $3.42 profit from Ebay

I'm still selling things on Ebay for Brady and he is enjoying getting extra money simply be deciding to part with things he no longer uses or wants. In this case it was 4 Max & Ruby DVDs.

This was the listing I put: 

"My 7-year-old son went through his toys and DVDs in the aftermath of a November birthday and then Christmas. He gets 80% of this sale! :)

This lot includes four gently used Nick Jr. Max & Ruby DVDs. The jewel cases are in perfect shape and the DVDs themselves have a few minor scratches but no deep scratches. They work fine in our DVD player, my son has just outgrown them. He loved Max & Ruby for years, so much so that he continues to call my mom "Ruby" instead of Grandma or her given name, which is Bobbie! She will forever be Ruby because of that cute little show. I'll miss it!"

The DVDs include Springtime for Max & Ruby, Summertime with Max & Ruby, A Merry Bunny Christmas and Party Time with Max & Ruby. From a non-smoking, pet-free home. Shipping is $2.50 Media Mail or $5 Priority Mail, by choice, and is immediate upon Paypal payment. Thanks for looking!"

Profit breakdown: $8.49 on a Buy It Now for the DVDs plus shipping (I estimated $2.50 for shipping Media Mail). 

Minus .77 cents from Ebay and .55 cents from Paypal. Then unfortunately I hadn't considered it might need to be shipped to ALASKA! So the shipping was actually $2.89. 

The profit leftover was $4.28. My 20 percent cut (I want him to see the world realistically, even at 7, LOL!) was .86 cents, so his was $3.24. 

We have other things that will sell for a bit more, so he will enjoy watching his savings grow as we keep our house from being overrun as well as learning about math and commerce. Might as well multi-task when you can!

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