Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Our walk on a blustery day...

It's been cold and blustery here in Kansas, though interspersed with record-breaking January highs in the 70s. Kansas weather is hard to predict. 

But we went out anyway, and I just love getting out and exploring on less-than-perfect days. You see the world in a different way. The grain elevator in the background almost looks like a castle. We scared up a bunny who darted off through the trees. Brady used a white plastic spaghetti fork that had lost all its tines to "protect" us from all the dead weeds along the path. 

We talked about how the trees were sleeping and how we can't do this in July because of the poison ivy. He's finally embracing winter just a little more than he was at the beginning. 

You just never know what you'll find, so get outside and explore!

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