Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Colorful peppers - even asparagus - can be affordable!

I always used to think red, yellow and orange bell peppers were super expensive, and usually they are. The cheapest I've seen them in regular stores, like Walmart, Dillons, etc. is about $1 a piece.

But I have discovered that Aldi has them on sale regularly, say once a month or 6 weeks, for $1.29 a pack! The red and yellow ones are Brady's favorite, so I stock up on these when they're on sale. Three packs in the frig will stay good for awhile.

So if you have an Aldi nearby, or perhaps even Save-a-lot, keep an eye on their sales of typically "expensive" items.

And even asparagus goes on sale! I found it once at our local grocery store for $1.50 a pound. Maybe next time we'll have that for Try-Something-New Thursday.

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