Thursday, January 24, 2013

You can save lots & get stuff free at the store!

Here is an example of grocery shopping I've done this week and how just a little time spent on strategy (as always, I recommend fellow Kansan the Money Saving Mom to learn how to do this) will help you save tons of money. Our grocery budget for a family of 3 and 3 pets is somewhere between $60 and $80 per week, so $240 to $320 per month. I used to spend double and at times triple that.

Here were some of my savings this week:

I spent a total, with tax, of $12.13 for this bunch of groceries at Aldi yesterday. It includes 14 avocados (19 cents a piece on sale), a gallon of 2% milk ($1.98 on sale) and 2 pounds of shredded cheese (each $3.29).

I spent a total, with tax, of $12.38 at Dillons for these, including 10 cans of Ro-Tel tomatoes (49 cents each, some were tomatoes with chilies and some were with cilantro and lime), 3 cans of spaghettios (92 cents each after sale and doubled coupon, for hubby and I not Brady!), 2 jars of Dawn dish soap (49 cents each after doubled coupons), pack of 3 individual pop-top cans of chicken for Brady's lunch ($2.79 on sale from regular $2.99) and a FREE tube of Carmex after a doubled 50 cent coupon and on sale for $1.

FREE toothpaste! Or rather 6 cents worth of tax on a tube of Colgate toothpaste at Dillons, on sale for $1 with a doubled 50 cent coupon.

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