Friday, January 18, 2013

My husband's $50 thrift store profit via Ebay

Hubby bought a pair of hunting boots at a Goodwill in Wichita a few months back and paid $9. They were the right size but a short time of wearing them showed they were too narrow and tight.

So, I hit Ebay to sell them. Turns out they were vintage (made in USA in the 70s &80s) Browning kangaroo leather boots. Wow! They sold for $90 and when you take out what he initially paid for them ($9), Paypal's fee ($5 including the fee to mail a check), Ebay's fee ($9) and my 20 percent cut of $15, (LOL, my time's worth something!) he will pocket a straight $50 profit! Not a bad return on your money!

Pay attention when you go in thrift stores. I once bought a pair of size 1 Converse flaming skull skating tennis shoes for Brady for $4. He wore them for a few months and then I sold them on Ebay for $20.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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