Thursday, January 17, 2013

What you can gain through Women's Fellowship

As I settled into my new home, my quiet little town, I wanted some way to get involved in the community and make connections. My mother-in-law has been active in our church's Women's Fellowship for decades and so this was the natural thing to do.

I wasn't sure what to expect, having never been involved in women's fellowship anywhere. Turns out it has been a great way to connect with members of my church and with other Christian women, a way to have some "me" time as an adult separate from my husband and son (who get to bond on this night once a month too!), to grow spiritually as I pray with and work with others, and to serve my community.

I have found these ladies to be wonderful, gracious, generous, welcoming, friendly and warm. 

The ladies raise money for and work for a county thrift store 10 miles away that contributes a great deal each month to help locals through the food bank or with clothing, helping pay for power bills or gas to get to appointments and interviews. We have a prayer chain if a member of the community or their family members need prayers. We make food for church functions.

We donated money last year for a woman in town whose house burned down and to the daughter of the grocery store owners who is embarking on an 11-month world mission. We coordinate the Angel Tree each year which brings presents - and the love of Jesus - to area children with a parent in prison.

We hold a chicken noodle dinner to raise funds and decorate the church for Christmas and help with funerals, baby showers and whatever needs doing.

A group like this deepens your investment in a church and a community, deepens your relationship with other Christians and friends, and deepens your faith as you actively participate in God's work in this world and see the results.

Beyond that, I was struck early on by an amazing thought. It occurred to me as a large group of us gathered to make homemade noodles. As we buzzed about mixing, grinding and cutting, along with chatting and laughing, I realized this same thing had been done over and over and over for years by various women. I was participating in a long-time town tradition.

I thought the same thing as we decorated the church for Christmas and sang carols and talked. I was a part of something meaningful and sacred and it felt fantastic.

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