Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wisdom from my in the solution

My mom picked up a wonderful saying from her sister, my aunt. It is: "Be in the solution, not in the problem."

I love it! It seems simple, but I have to think about this a lot. She does too. We're always saying it to each other. It basically means, don't worry about something, do whatever it is you can do to solve the situation (even if that means just praying or researching) and then pursue that. Then let it go as you wait for the results of your solution. If that solution doesn't pan out, decide the next step. And so on...

Great words to live by.


  1. So True! Today I was feeling grateful for our food allergy community and oddly enough, this is exactly what I was thinking. So many of our moms don't complain, they just forge on fighting the good fight and working towards keeping all our children with food allergies safe. Nice share!

    1. It's a hard thought for me to keep my head around in the moment, ya know. Whenever I get to feeling bad about Brady's egg allergy, I remember it could be MUCH worse. I can't imagine having a peanut allergy as part of day-to-day life. Throw up I can handle. The idea of something life-threatening would be so hard. But what can you do but solve the problem a day at a time?


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