Sunday, May 5, 2013

Keeping the blog real, so God "steal my show"

I'll have to add the following song to my God is my King of Rock and Roll post, because it gets me thinking. Whatever we do in life should be a reflection of the grace and love of God, of the way Jesus conducted himself with compassion and honesty and deep passion and belief.

I'm not entirely sure why I'm here doing this, other than it seems to fit who I am - a writer, open about my struggles, wanting to reach out to others in the same boat, sharing a different perspective - and I felt like it was what I should do. But I don't ever want it to be about "me", or even about Brady.

I pray all the time for God to guide my hand, what I do and what I say. And I know I don't always let Him, but I try. I've heard you can make some money at blogging and I may be blessed by that at some point, LOL, but that is not my purpose in being here.

In the meantime, I hope God steals my show, guides my hand, makes this a place of help just by the sharing of our life. And to be honest, I wish that for all areas of my life, what I do and who I am. And here's that awesome Toby Mac song: 

Steal My Show - Toby Mac

Another cold night
Another late flight
It's almost show time, and Diverse City's waitin' on me
We got a packed house, the crowd is callin' out
They want the beat to drop, but what we really need is You

If You wanna steal my show, I'll sit back and watch You go
If You got somethin' to say, go on and take it away
Need You to steal my show, can't wait to watch You go
So take it away

So now the crowd is hype, that you showed up tonight
Anticipatin', cravin' somethin' more than smoke and lights
So I'll step out the way, I'll give You center stage
Give 'em what they came for ...


When You arrive, we come to life
Our hearts collide, they're beating in the same time
You're comin' through, all eyes on You
Our hearts collide, they're beating in the same time, beating in the same time

No matter who we are, no matter what we do
Every day we can choose to say ...


My life
My friends
My heart
It's all Yours, God
Take it away
My dreams
My fears
My family
My career
Take it away
Take it away
It's all Yours, God
Take it away
Take it away
It's You I wanna live for

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