Thursday, May 9, 2013

Weight loss: slow and steady work

A few weeks ago I started using 15 tips and tricks to lose about 10 pounds.

These were things I'd done before or read about somewhere. Easy, every day stuff that require no money, no outside help other than the free Spark People web site. 

And so far, in less than a month I've lost about 3 pounds. Another thing I did that I think is important is I got a digital scale so I could see 1/2 pound increments and feel as though I was making progress. It fluctuates a little daily, and I try not to worry about that, because I can see the overall downward trend. It keeps me on track.

Losing weight is slow and steady work. It's not fast, it's not overnight, it cannot be done in bursts. It is choice after choice after choice, day after day after day. Continuous, consistent work. Gosh, I guess it applies to parenting as well, LOL!

The other thing I notice is Brady noticing what I do. He sees me make these healthy choices and he very rarely asks for treats outside of dessert after dinner. I guess he just accepts that is what we do.

And when I have to drive to pick him up after school, he has such disappointment in his voice when he says, "Awww, you drove?" He would much rather us walk home. How awesome is that?

So, today, tomorrow, next week, I will keep on my slow, steady pace and try to reach my goal.

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