Saturday, May 4, 2013

You know you're in a small town... grocery tour

We popped into our local town grocery store for Coolwhip yesterday and Brady just adores the owner lady and used to be petrified of her husband who has a handlebar mustache.

But the lady is always so sweet to him. She's given him free conversations hearts and a whole date, and always talks to him. He has also lost his fear of the "meat guy" as we call him because he's always back there cutting meat.

So Brady runs up to the owner lady and says, "Where's the tall guy?"

And after a short bit of conversation, she asks if he wants a tour. She showed us the walk-in frig, the freezer, the bay door where deliveries are made, the fork lift, the "secret bathroom" as Brady calls it, the whole works. He was pretty excited.

How cool. You don't get that just anywhere. I love my town!

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