Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Why we look forward to school year's end...

People have all sorts of ideas about the end of the school year. Some are happy to be able to relax more and spend time with the kids or go on vacation. Others are dreading the long, hot summer days without structure and things to do.

Now first grade was overall pretty good, but the last few weeks have gotten tougher. It was like that at the end of kindergarten too. So personally, I will breathe a sigh of relief when school is done. Don't get me wrong, Brady loves school. It's good for him, but it has always presented a fair amount of stress for us from the time he entered preschool at age 3. I think any parent with a child who has ADHD would agree with me.

In the summer Brady spends 2 days at the office with us, 2 days with his wonderful babysitter and her family, and 1 day with my Mom. We're planning a couple little family trips. He'll also spend a few weeks with his Dad in Virginia. He'll get one-on-one attention from different people and do lots of fun things. We'll get to sleep in later and not worry about homework or projects or programs.

But more than that, I can live my life without wondering if I'll hear from the principal or a teacher, or have to schedule meetings if I feel we need to discuss a situation at school, or worrying he'll be kicked off the bus for a day. We can go about our days without daily talks about this choice or that choice and without devising the consequences and discipline that will help him keep better control tomorrow.

It is my blessing to guide this young man, but it is exhausting at times, for both of us. 

In the summer, we can just be. I can't wait.

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