Friday, May 31, 2013

Funny things Brady says... about peas...

So, in a previous Funny Brady post I mentioned how much he hates peas. Loathes them. Says they taste like dirt. He even wrote in his school journal about it.

Well, in the last two weeks he has told me, "Can you get peas again so I can see what they taste like? Maybe my taste buds have changed."

So, I got them. Put one on his plate last night. He ate it, scrunched up his face. "Nope. Yuck. Weeeellllll... actually, they are 45 percent good. When they were like dirt, they were 0 percent good."

Hey, that's a step up from dirt! Not a full 50 percent good yet, but getting there! Yay! Maybe someday he'll actually eat a bowl of peas. But I won't hold my breathe out for anytime soon.

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