Monday, May 20, 2013

3 good Thriving Family articles: prayer, marriage, anger

I get the magazine Thriving Family for free. According to the Website, it is free to anyone who wants it! How cool is that! It has wonderful ideas for faith and raising a family. Here are 3 I particularly enjoyed this month: 

The first is Talking to God: Showing Kids How to Pray. This is something I try to actively do with Brady, but was inspired to (hopefully) do more by this article.

The second is The New & Improved Spouse: If you're trying to change your mate, you're working on the wrong person. In a marriage, the more we try to change the other person, the more problems it creates, I think. This article inspired me to love my husband for who he is.

And lastly, Women and Anger: Learning to attack issues, not the people we love. These are words I want to live by. I try my hardest every day and it is good to read encouraging words like this. 

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