Thursday, May 16, 2013

My new sayings, about blessings

I've come up with two new sayings in my life, mostly to help myself not get in a funk or get mopey when things are tough. Here they are. I hope they can apply to someone else too.

1) This one is now on the main menu of my phone, superimposed over a picture of my mom, Brady and I. My amount of characters was limited, so it says simply: "Choose gratitude." I see it every time I open my phone and it reminds me to be grateful in each moment.

2) This one I use to keep myself from worrying what others have in their lives, whether it is a fancier car, more money, a child who never gets in trouble (seemingly), a bigger house, lots of friends, no stress, easy life, pretty clothes or hair or shoes, whatever it is that seems so wonderful. Count the blessings in your own life, not the blessings in someone else's life.

It makes no sense to keep track of what someone else has. And most of those things I don't actually want, but it is easy to think that I do. That will only defeat your heart and spirit. Instead, see the things you have that are good, the things you can give thanks for, even the things that could be worse but are not. Then if you want to make changes, be in the solution and do what you need to do. That is spirit lifting, not spirit crushing. 

When I follow these principles, my life is more rewarding because I see what I have to be thankful for and I don't envy or resent anyone else for their blessings. I can only pray they see the good that they have too.

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