Monday, May 6, 2013

Small town joy, the 59th church sale!

Brady and I were blessed to be a part of our church's 59th annual sale and auction. Such gems of community life are priceless.

Again, we know and are known. We see people from all areas of our life - church, neighborhood, school, community - and meet new ones. We participate in a tradition that has been repeated year after year after year, woven into the fabric of our town.  We are active and social and sharing joy. And people commented on how well-behaved Brady was. He did great!

I was tickled to see how people wait in anticipation for one lady to show up with her glorious tea rings and then snap them up for $15. After seeing the hype, I want to try one next year! They also come looking for another's fantastic peanut butter balls, $5 a bag. They buy cookies and cakes and glazed popcorn. Kids use their quarters for cupcakes, gum and suckers.

Scores of people come through the line to buy sloppy joes, hotdogs, ham sandwiches and pies made by women's fellowship (including me! I'm no pie maker, but I think mine turned out okay). The sounds of the auction outside - put on by men's fellowship - trickle in every time the door to the church opens.

Kids ride a hay ride and barrel cars, sometimes over and over and over if they've paid for a $5 all-day pass. We spent from about 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. volunteering, eating, buying things, roaming around, feeling a part of a larger purpose and contributing in our own small way to something real and personal and meaningful.

The gratification in such an act, both contributing to and participating in a community event, is huge. If you haven't done it, I would highly recommend getting involved in a local tradition. It's a wonderful gift.

Here are some pics of Brady's fun ...


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