Monday, May 13, 2013

Back to cooking and don't waste potato skins!

Life has finally slowed down and I'm able to spend some time on weekends cooking again. Soccer is over. The church sale is done. Mother's Day has come and gone. School is winding down.

It was very gratifying this weekend to see a spent bacon tray, a crock-pot cooking "re-fried" pinto beans and potatoes boiling for shepherd's pie all on the stove at the same time.

In the midst of this, I made a very exciting nutritional and frugal discovery!

I was peeling potatoes and typically I just cut the peels into the trash. But this time I cut them onto a plate. When I was done I had such a heap of potato
skins I couldn't bear to waste them and throw them away!

I'd never looked at potato skins that way. So I sprayed them with olive oil cooking spray, seasoned them with Head Country and baked at 350 for 20 or so minutes, or as long as it took for them to get golden brown and crunchy. Oh my goodness they tasted good!

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