Thursday, May 9, 2013

Only in a small town... forgotten flower...

It's teacher appreciation week and on Tuesday all kids were to bring a flower for their teacher. I gave Brady's to him in a grocery bag with instructions to take super good care of it.

An hour or so later I get a Facebook message from one of his after-school teachers who also has a child in Brady's class. "He forgot his flower on the bus," she said. "I kept him from getting upset by telling him I'd tell you."

"Oh no," I said. "Can you tell him I have more at home and he can take it tomorrow?"

She was already gone from school, so she texted another after-school teacher who also has a child in Brady's class and had gone along on their zoo field trip that day.

I saw her after school and she told me she had told him and he felt good about it. How cool is that? Such nice ladies. It's nice that we are all able to communicate so well.

The next day Brady took his flower, but it broke on the way :( But he said his teacher loved it and put the broken flower in the vase, where it settled to the bottom and you can still see it down there. Leave it to my unique boy to have his flower a day late and sitting at the bottom of the vase. Things just go differently for him, but I'll bet everyone in class knows which flower was his :)

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