Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sweet words from my boy on Mom's Day

Brady's first-grade teacher, who I am never shy to say is absolutely wonderful, sent these beautiful frames home to moms on Mother's Day.

Brady had told me they were doing something "top secret," but I had no idea how involved it was. She took pictures of each, had them write what is important to them about their moms, then printed the words over the photo and framed it. Wow.

I really teared up over this. I've had my own mom in tears over the years with things I've written, but this one really got me!

He wrote some of the things we have done lately - soccer and reading work. And fixing his owwies and headaches and coughs in the night. Oh my goodness, these things maybe really do make a difference? He really does see those things as expressions of love? It seems like too much to hope for when you pour all that you have into a kid.

Thank you, God, for this boy. And thank God for his teacher for helping him express these words to me. They mean more than anything in the world.

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