Sunday, May 12, 2013

Only in a small town... wrong number on Mom's Day...

So I was outside getting the garden ready tonight and Jase calls me to the house. "You have a phone call."

He tells me who it is and I recognize the guy's name (someone Jase knows), but I don't know him so I'm trying to place why he might be calling me. Is he involved in our church? Could it have something to do with Brady? Is there some town event going on?

I answer the phone and he says, "Happy Mother's Day!"

"Oh, thank you," I said and paused, waiting to see what his reason for calling was. He's an older gentleman. I don't know him at all, have never met him. I'm not sure what to say at this point.

"Did you have a good day?" he asks.

"Yeah," I say, still wondering what he's leading up to, thinking he's just making polite chit chat first. "We went out to eat."

"Did you go to Mary's," he asks.

I'm thinking Mary's is a restaurant so I say, "No, we went to Sirloin Stockade and met my mom there."

He pauses now. "Did you see GB?"

"GB?" I say. "I don't know who that is."

He laughs. "Who's this?"

"Stephanie Young," I say.

He laughs again. "This isn't (so and so)?"

I laugh now. "Nooooo."

"Now how did I do that," he says.

"Well," I said. "Probably mixed up a couple of numbers, but thank you for the Mother's Day wish."

"You're welcome. I'm really glad I called then."

So I asked hubby, "Why did you think he was calling for me?"

"Well, when I answered he said, 'Can I speak to your lovely wife?' and I wondered how you knew him."

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