Saturday, May 18, 2013

In a small town, everyone does double duty

This is something like the six degrees of separation, except it doesn't take near that much here in a town of less than 1,000.

These were the connections I could come up with over a few days of thinking on it:
  • Our next-door neighbor is Brady's PE teacher and math teacher, and the mother of two girls he loves at after-school care. 
  • Her dad was my husband's coach. 
  • Her husband is one of two 6th grade teachers at the high school. 
  • Her brother just substituted for Brady's class this week.
  • The neighbor next to her is also a paraprofessional at my son's school and the lady who watches the kids in the morning before the bus arrives. 
  • She's also the grandmother of one of his first-grade classmates. 
  • Across the street from her, another neighbor, is my husband's cousin's sister-in-law.
  • Across from her is my husband's aunt, a wonderful sweet little lady.
  • Just one door down is my best friend's cousin, who has two kids that go to Brady's school. My car  was backed into the other day in front of their house and while we waited for the cops, Brady bounced on their trampoline with the kids for 45 minutes. 
  • Brady's after-school care director has a child in his class who was also on his soccer team. 
  • One of the after-school teachers has a child in his class and on his soccer team, and still another has a kindergartner who was on his soccer team. 
  • And even another one is the wife of a work friend of ours who we see at events well outside of our town. She was Brady's science teacher in kindergarten too.
  • And even one more rents a house from my husband, and her daughter comes to our church with her grandmother. 
  • Her in-laws live across the street from my in-laws. 
  • The high school janitor has a child who goes to after-school and was on Brady's soccer team. 
  • The other 6th grade teacher has a child in Brady's class, one of his best friends. 
  • Brady's kindergarten teacher from last year goes to our church. Her youngest daughter he plays with at after-school. 
  • Her husband is school superintendent.
  • His current teacher lives less than a mile from us. 
  • So does next year's teacher. 
  • Her husband is the local highway patrolman. 
  • The 3rd grade teacher has a daughter in Brady's class. 
  • The city mayor is our cousin. 
  • Our pastor's family doubles as babysitter for Brady in the summer. 
  • At least two of the paraprofessionals at Brady's school go to our church.
  • A substitute teacher also goes to our church (she makes those wonderful tea rings). 
  • His bus driver is the grandmother of one of his classmates. 
  • The city receptionist is the aunt of my best friend, and also good friends with my husband's aunt. 
  • I see my best friend's grandma around town and she has breakfast up town with some of my fellow church members. She's also grandma to the trampoline-bouncing friends above.
  • The lady at the telephone office has a child in Brady's class and coached his soccer team.
  • The insurance company in town is owned by a couple with two kids at Brady's after-school care. 
  • The grocery store owner lady's daughter is on a mission trip, and last summer Brady got to go to her house with our pastor's family for her farewell party. 
  • Our bank teller graduated with Jason and is married to a good friend of his. 
  • Another bank employee is son of the above-mentioned tea-ring teacher church lady. 
  • Yet another is mother to a classmate who also played soccer. 
  • The elementary school's band teacher - who teaches only fifth graders - was MY BAND TEACHER from junior high 30 miles away! I still can't get over this. Brady knows him and may have him as a band teacher in four years. Wouldn't that be something?
  • A lady from our church also works at a local funeral home and we saw here there during a funeral we went to.
  • A lady at my church line dances with my Mom 30 miles away. 
  • At a fundraiser at the local Methodist church, my son's principal was one of the servers. 
  • My hair stylist is best friends with my husband's cousin, whose son was in after-school care and who Brady adores. 
  • The owner of the bar/restaurant used to be the city maintenance guy. 
  • I used to date the son of a couple in our church :) A LONG time ago. They also have a real estate company in town. 
Everyone is connected in some way and we see so many people from all areas - school, day care, bus, church - everywhere else in town. Brady told me last night, "I love living in this little town. It's the best small town." I think he's right :)

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