Saturday, March 16, 2013

When to act and when to sit back?

This is something I struggle with all the time, especially as it relates to my child. And I still have no answer for it. I have faith always that God is in control. But I also believe that there are things we are supposed to do to make changes in our lives and the lives of the ones we love.

I often think and say, "Do your best and give God the rest." I don't think you can just let life go by and hope He will make it perfect. I think we have a responsibility to do certain things too, hopefully with Him and for Him.

There are times I feel compelled to take an action, times I feel unfair things have been said and done to Brady. I try not to fight his battles, but he has a lot of them and at times I see situations I feel have crossed the line or been too harsh. Should I act on that every time? Or should I have faith that it will work out? How do you know when it's right to say something? Maybe it's a test? Of who? Me? Or him? Or someone else?

I pray about these things, but sometimes the compulsion to act is SO strong, I can't tell if my own desire superseding what I should do or if it's really the right thing.

And I tend to play these things over in my mind for too long, even after I've made a choice. So, I'm back to my original statement, I guess, as my best answer: "Do your BEST and give God the rest."

So if I've made a mistake, I did it with honesty and caring, but I'm human and I'm fallible. I did my best, even though it may or may not have been the right thing, and so I have to give even that up to God. I have to give even my uncertainty and perhaps even my mistakes up to Him to handle. What if I've made things worse? Well, He can fix anything and I just hope to keep an open heart as to the right path. With faith and prayer and an open heart, I can only hope to do better each day.

If anyone has other ideas on this, I'd love to hear them.

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