Sunday, March 3, 2013

No-tech Saturday: An exception & crafts

So, Brady is sick this weekend, leading to an exception to our "no tech" Saturday rule of no games and no computer.

I let him play his Nintendo DS because we were stuck inside all day and he didn't feel good. I, however, did not get on the computer and ended up being very crafty!

This first craft to the left was Brady's idea. A magic wand with a "power star" he had cut out taped to a plastic dowel I had in my "Useful Things box" which was the precursor to "The Invention Box.:

The second below - button bugs - is a fun idea from Family fun magazine, shown here.

I used those twist-ties that come off of virtually every kids' toy you get anymore for legs, craft wire for antenna and nail polish for the eyes.

Lastly, I saw this game in the Family Fun mag, and thought, hey, I can make that from stuff in the Invention Box. We had fun playing it.

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