Thursday, March 7, 2013

Diverse friends keep us from judging

My repertoire of Facebook friends - and I only have about 100, mostly people I'm close to and really want to know what is going on with - is quite diverse in age, state of residence, political views and beliefs.

I learned this quite well during the election. I would have one person's view sitting on top of another person's view which was the COMPLETE opposite. Even within my own family!

What this taught me is 1) I do not want to spend much time on Facebook around elections and 2) I care about people with views all along the spectrum. It reminds me that I do not want to judge others for what they believe or how they live their lives, even if it is different than mine.

Does not mean I agree with them, but it means I will take joy in the fact that I am surrounded by people of all walks of life and points of view. This I find to be a good thing.

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