Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Good behavior: practice makes...a lot better!

I've mentioned before how I've found that practicing appropriate behavior through role playing can help a child struggling in a particular area.

I've been trying to do this at home more often. Last night, we spent 10 minutes practicing how Brady should sit as his desk, how he should raise his hand if he needs something rather than blurting or just getting up, and how he should ignore anything going on with another kid in the classroom and just keep his eyes on his own work. I pretended to be the teacher giving certain instructions or would pretend a particular situation was happening.

He actually quite enjoyed it. I think the more they practice something, the more it builds automatic pathways in the brain for when they encounter those situations in the future. And if nothing else, the kiddos get extra attention from parents too in a unique way. What's not to love about that!

We're also spending some time practicing handwriting and any other skills he needs to ramp up for school, and well, life, in general. Whatever issue a kid is having at school - sharing problems, blurting out, trouble staying in line, not taking turns - consider spend time practicing at home how to handle it.

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