Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wisdom from my mom: God's entertainment

My Mom has a theory. She thinks perhaps she and I (and my oldest brother) are God's entertainment. Take for example that she has a big note taped to her TV remote that says, "Put far away from self." Because if she doesn't put it far away and she falls asleep watching the show, she'll wake up pushing every button on the remote and mess up her TV.

Or me, for example, at an auction on Friday, looking so frantically around for the raffle ticket I had that I dropped my sunglasses and popped the lens out, before a friend plucked the missing ticket out of the hood of my coat.

Or when my brother goes fishing and either a) climbs a tree to get his stuck line and falls out or b) casts and then whole reel flies off into the lake.

It feels good to laugh at yourself and to make others laugh. And I like her idea that maybe we give God a chuckle too :)

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